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It’s not just a fancy name for a discount card. It is how we live.

MiTribe - Introduction

What is MiTribe

MITRIBE promotes a culture of respect and tolerance.  We embrace & celebrate diversity and we aim to build stronger communities by designing better places to live, address climate change and initiate social change in the community that we live.

The MITRIBE program aims to provide a balanced program of activities that supports your life across many dimensions such as standard of living and quality of life, mental and physical health, academic and personal achievements, personal and social relationships, safety and security and community connectivity.

We love planning a variety of activities for you, including barbeques, bike rides, games nights, cooking demonstrations and sporting activities just to name a few. Your MITRIBE card will also give you discounts at a variety of stores and outlets.

We are a BCORP Certificated corporation.  Find out more about us

MiTribe - Values

MiTribe Values

  • We love where we live. We aim to minimize our footprint.
  • We keep in eye out for each other to make sure no one is left behind.
  • We have a connection to country and acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people as the first inhabitants of the nation.
  • We work together to communicate our frustrations, and we ask for help to resolve any ongoing problems.
  • We play well together.
  • We respect other peoples property, time and space.
  • We have the right to cenjoy a sage, private, peaceful haven
  • We embrace diversity as we understand every single person is unique.
  • We have the right to enjoy alone time in peace.
  • We have the right to celebrate and collaborate in our shared spaces.

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